Our Projects

TunsianStartups works on several project as a part of its mission. The projects selection happens upon startups need and requirements. This is the reason why since the association launch, the Tunisia Startup Act has the highest focus and ressources concentration. Nevertheless, the association is welcome each new initiative and will put the required financial and technical means to support it.

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Tunisia Startup Act

TunisianStartups contributes as the recognized civil society representation in the Tunisian Startup Act task force. It connects the remaining stake holders with the Startups by exchanging the startups’ need and urgent requirements.


TunisianStartups organizes regular meetups and gathering to discuss founders and entrepreneurs relevant topics. The lecture series are inspired from the moment hottest topics, knowledge need of the community.


In order to quantify and to measure the startups impact on the domestic and foreign economy, TunisianStartups launches the TSindex, an indicator measuring the economic contribution of the startups and the startups’s valuation of their ecosystem.

Building Bridges Ambassador

Connecting the local ecosystem with international hubs is a relevant task, the association is constantly looking to extend. We have dedicated members, that already built bridges with France, UK, Germany, the MENA Region.

Startups Academy

Sharing experience has always been one of the most available profit, our members finds when they get in touch with the association. In order to give a framework to these valuable advices, the TS Academy has been built out of the idea, so that experienced entrepreneurs give lectures and courses based on real entrepreneurial experiences.

Our Partners

As the highest priority for TunisianStartups is to improve the Entrepreneurial ecosystem and to facilitate the day-to-day business and professional activities of its members, the executive team focuses on closing selected partnerships in this manner.

Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit

The foudation FNF ist the main partner of TunisianStartups since ist first steps.

FNF helps co-financing the association in projects financing, facilitates members’ skills trainings and helps opening doors for projects’ execution.

B@Labs is an incubation platform, supported by Tunisian bank BIAT, which aims to anchor the entrepreneurial practice in Tunisia and promote a sustainable ecosystem for Tunisian startups.
It’s a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and SMEs. Its mission is to implement government policy on promoting the industrial sector and innovation as a support ...
Smart Tunisia
TS signed an agreement with the government program Smart Tunisia allowing its members to also profit from the provided advantages and incentives.

Our Members

As TunisianStartups Member, you first get directly involved in shaping the entrepreneurial ecosystem you wish to be part of it. You are able to take part in the historic economic revolution the country is preparing to leave. Moreover, as a member you can extend your network with the national and international new influencers’ generation, to profit from SmartTunisia incentives, to take part in local and international trainings provided either by the association or its patners, and have access to local partner media.
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Who We Are

Here is the front office of the team behind TunisianStartups. The TunisianStartups has a flat structure every member is welcome to take responsibilities, the pool of the active members is always present to support. All members are happy to invest their valuable time to work on help creating a the entrepreneurial ecosystem the Tunisian economy and entrepreneurs deserve.

Amel Saidane


Zied Ouled Ali

Vice Président

Adel Beznine

Partnerships related tasks

Mounira Hamdi


Hedi Zaher

Export Services

Oussema Messoud

Legal & Organization

Nacef Bouzguenda

TS Ambassador France

Houssem Eddine Touil

International Ecosystems Partnership lead

Nebyl Ben Attia

TS Ambassador UK